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1/3 oz

Melaleuca quinquenervia viridiflora, MQV

Certified Organic

Leaf, Steam Distilled, Madagascar


Niaouli is known for its immune stimulating properties as well as its effect on the respiratory system.  It contains anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, decongestant, and expectorant qualities.  In addition, it has a generally strengthening effect on the body.  Niaouli essential oil is generally considered to be safe but may cause skin irritation. 

Niaouli essential oil (also known as MQV) is, according to Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, the most important anti-allergenic essential oil in aromatherapy.

Niaouli is a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic, thus a valuable addition to treatments for the skin and gums. Niaouli is especially appropriate to use for heading off symptoms of the flu.

Aromatic Profile: Sweet, fresh, camphoraceous odour

Appearance: Colourless, pale yellow or greenish liquid

Aromatherapy Uses: This cousin to Tea Tree makes an excellent immune booster, and is invaluable for skin, gums and cold & flu-like symptoms.

Blending Suggestions: Dilute well, add drop by drop to blends until desired effect is achieved

Safety Considerations: non-toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing



Lawless, Julia. The Encylopedia of Essential Oils. 2013. p 147

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