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Holistic Fertility Package
$ 1,125.00
x 9 appointments

Prenatal MassageHolistic Fertility incorporates Maya abdominal massage, herbal medicine, nutrition and Iyengar yoga therapy.  This comprehensive approach to enhancing your fertility has proven to have an outstanding success rate and is beneficial to women of all ages, including women utilizing IUI, IVF and Donor eggs.

This complete package is custom tailored to your unique phase of reproduction as we work closely with you to follow your health, watch your body change and enjoy the miracle of life. 

Maya Abdominal Therapy Package
$ 680.00
x 4 appointments

Ixchel Maiden 250x168This specialized ancient healing technique offers a holistic approach to health and wellness. Our non-invasive, external massage nurtures reproductive and digestive health by massaging the abdomen, low back and hips. For women’s reproductive health, ATMAT gently corrects the alignment of the uterus, ovaries and pelvic structures to ensure optimal blood flow, lymph circulation and Qi.

During your second and subsequent sessions we will teach you self-care massage techniques so you will be able to continue the healing work at home and build the confidence to hold your health in your hands. Most women continue to receive the massage on an on-going basis particularly when treating more chronic health issues.

Yoni Steam Package
$ 160.00
x 4 appointments

Ixchel Maiden Our yoni steam treatment utilizes the healing power of water and herbs, combined specifically for your needs to nourish and heal your delicate vaginal tissues. A traditional gynecological technique for supporting women’s reproductive health, vaginal steams, also known as yoni steams are warming, cleansing and deeply soothing. This treatments provides time for deep meditation and warming the womb to reduce tension and enhance blood flow and circulation to the pelvis. This treatment is best added-on to a traditional Maya abdominal massage.


Postnatal Ayurveda/Maya In-Home Therapy Package
$ 2,000.00
x 6 appointments

postnatal handsWe believe the lying-in time, of 42 days after giving birth (both vaginal and cesarean section births) to be the most critical time for new mama’s to receive care and to set the foundation of 42 years of optimal health and wellness.  This profound time of physical changes, sleep changes and family changes with the awe and wonder of your newborn baby; requires a woman to be well nourished and taken care of.   By combining the best traditional healing techniques for post partum women, we have created a complete care package that includes healing rituals, body treatments and nourishing herbal remedies to carry you forward on your motherhood journey. 

6-3hour sessions include:  Your practitioner will come to your home to prepare traditional herbal remedies, specifically tailored to reduce Vata imbalance and nervous energy and to nourish deep healing and breast milk production.  You will also receive a classical Ayurvedic Abhyanga Oil Massage with Maya Abdominal and Uterine Massage and warm castor oil packs, which calm the nervous system and promote healing to the uterus and ease lactation.  A warm herbal sitz bath will be prepared to soothe delicate tissue.   After your bath, you will receive a traditional Bengkung belly-bind and enjoy nourishing, healing teas. 30min set-up and break-down time is included.

By caring for the mother, you will recover from the demands of labor, nursing, sleep disturbances and give you the space to enjoy this special time with your infant and growing family.  

Additional Fees include: Belly Wrap and teaching session, Taxi rate one-way per session, additional time billed at $65/hour; for food preparation, family support and loving care.

Optional 100% Organic Herbal Remedies:  8oz. Belly Paste, 8oz. Abhyanga Oil, 4oz. Emotional Support Tincture

Iyengar Yoga Private Lessons Package
$ 400.00
x 5 appointments

Iyengar Seal 250x168


Committing to a series of 5 private Iyengar yoga sessions is a great way to develop a meaningful practice for your sustained health. It allows you to receive personalized instruction in yogasanas you may find challenging, focus on the ones that provide therapeutic benefits for an injury or physical limitation, learn new asanas of your choice, learn simple meditations or deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy.  Modifications will be shared so that when the student gains confidence to join a regular class they will know what yoga props to utilize to reduce injury.

A private Iyengar yoga session is for an individual that would prefer to not be in a group class setting.  This package is also available for families and friends in small groups.  You will learn asanas for the mind and body to build confidence and strength; with the compassionate, watchful eye of your certified Iyengar yoga teacher.


4 Pack Belly Binding
$ 145.00
x 4 appointments

bengkung belly bind red mini

Package of 4 sessions. Best done after receiving a Mayan Abdominal Massage.

Bengkung belly binding is a traditional therapeutic technique practiced specifically during a woman’s postpartum time.  Belly binding practices are found in cultures all around the world including Malaysia, China, India, Central and South America.  It is used to encourage the healing process from pregnancy and birth.  It is said to support the internal organs by assisting the abdominal wall to retract (including with diastasis recti) and to protect the vital energy of a new mom.  Belly binding encourages the closing and reshaping of the ribs and hips by supporting the pelvic bones, pelvic floor, low back, spine and rib cage.

Bengkung belly binding services are best added-on to a traditional Ayurveda/Maya uterine massage to reduce uterine prolapse.    

Additional Fees:  Purchase of 100% organic cotton Bengkung wrap.   ($45)


Ionic Foot Bath Cell Cleanse Package
$ 160.00
x 4 appointments

mini foot bath

Holistic Pathways is now offering the Alimtox Ion Foot Bath Cell Cleanse! This clinically proven foot bath uses negative ions to support the body’s ability to eliminate metabolic waste from the lymph system into the elminatory organs including the colon, bladder and skin. It also helps to balance the body’s pH levels and neutralize free radicals, reducing cellular damage from oxidative stress.


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