Bengkung belly binding is a traditional therapeutic technique practiced specifically during a woman’s postpartum time.  Belly binding practices are found in cultures all around the world including Malaysia, China, India, Central and South America.  It is used to encourage the healing process from pregnancy and birth.  It is said to support the internal organs by assisting the abdominal wall to retract (including with diastasis recti) and to protect the vital energy of a new mom.  Belly binding encourages the closing and reshaping of the ribs and hips by supporting the pelvic bones, pelvic floor, low back, spine and rib cage.

Bengkung belly binding services are best added-on to a traditional Ayurveda/Maya uterine massage to reduce uterine prolapse.    

Additional Fees:  Purchase of 100% organic cotton Bengkung wrap.   ($45)



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