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We believe the lying-in time, of 42 days after giving birth (both vaginal and cesarean section births) to be the most critical time for new mama’s to receive care and to set the foundation of 42 years of optimal health and wellness.  New mamas are as delicate as their newborns and are recommended to rest and nest.  This profound time of physical changes, sleep changes and family changes with the awe and wonder of your newborn baby; requires a woman to be well nourished and taken care of.   By combining the best traditional healing techniques for post partum women, we have created a complete care package that includes healing rituals, body treatments and nourishing herbal remedies to carry you forward on your motherhood journey. 

Your post-partum healer will come to your home to prepare traditional herbal remedies, specifically tailored to reduce Vata imbalance and nervous energy and to nourish deep healing and breast milk production.  You will also receive a classical Ayurvedic Oil massage with Maya Abdominal and uterine massage and warm castor oil packs, which calm the nervous system and promote healing to the uterus and ease lactation.  A warm herbal sitz bath will be prepared to soothe delicate pelvic tissues.   After your bath, you will receive a traditional Bengkung belly-bind and enjoy nourishing, rejuvenating teas.  Iyengar yoga techniques and pelvic-floor rehab exercises are added to the treatment as mama's energy is strengthened.  The treatments are tailored to support the new mom's needs and desires.  30min set-up and break-down time is included.

Additional Fees include: Belly Bind, Taxi rate one-way per session, additional time billed at $65/hour; for food preparation, family support and loving care.

$ 400.00 180 min.
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