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Reiki means Universal life force and is a modality of energetic bodywork that supports the body's natural ability to heal. Reiki does not involve much touching of the physical body, but is done by the practitioner hovering their hands over the client’s body creating a channel for positive energy flow, and working the emotional and spiritual layers that surround the physical.

Reiki assists the recipient in finding what areas within themselves that need to be unblocked or healed, while powerful insights are usually received. Sometimes these insights are more subtle than obvious. As a reiki practitioner, I notice differences in pressure or heat in the auric body moving where necessary, and balancing the chakras. This is a great form of body work for anyone, or those who have had serious injuries or are contraindicated for massage.    

Benefits of Reiki:

• Promotes relaxation and stress reduction

• Removes energy or emotional blocks

• Releases fear and doubt

• Influences the overall system towards balance

• Reduces and relieves pain

• Clears the room of negative energy

• Raises consciousness and awareness

• Creates a channel for pure LOVE

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