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Our Post-partum massage integrates therapeutic touch including Ayurvedic techniques and Maya Abdominal Massage.  Ayurveda says that post-partum women have an increased Vata energy which presents itself as high-adrenaline, sleep disturbances, emotional imbalance and an overall sense of unease.  

Our Ayurvedic/Mayan postpartum massage includes Certified Organic Sesame warming oils, hot stones, warm castor oil packs with medicinal oils and hot towels to deeply penetrate the body.  It accelerates the healing process by soothing sore muscles strained during birth and helps mama’s feel refreshed even with the lack of sleep.

Postpartum massage can help encourage the new mother’s body to come back to its pre-pregnancy posture by supporting the alignment of abdominal organs and pelvis.  Our massage relieves fatigue in muscles that are over worked from feeding and caring for a newborn baby with deep soothing massage strokes.  

The post-partum time is incredibly sacred as a woman goes through physical, emotional and lifestyle changes from pregnancy to motherhood, post-partum massage is a must and is incredibly supportive for mama’s during this time.  Mom’s are encouraged to bring their new-born baby with them as a nursing schedule may not be established.  Babies typically sleep during the sessions, but mama can always bring baby to the table to soothe and nurse during the massage.

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