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  • Boneset

100% Certified organic Boneset


Eupatorium perfoliatum


This herb is used to treat influenza and its symptoms.  It will help relieve the common head cold, acute dry bronchitis and acute bronchial pneumonia with dyspnea.  Boneset gives symptom relief for muscular weakness, fever, and aches. and is also an immunity stimulant.  Recommended dosage is 20-40 drops in hot water 3 times/day.


Boneset gontains sesquiterpene lactones (inc. eupafolin), polysaccharines, flavonoids, diterpenes, sterols, and volatile oil. The sesquiterpene lactones and polysaccharides and significant immunostimulants. Its name came from its use to treat “break bone fever.” It has traditionally been used and is still used for treatment of the common cold, increasing resistance to viral and bacterial infections, and helping to break feers. It loosens phlegm, is tonic, and a laxative.


Head cold, moist with fever, aches.

Acute hot dry bronchitis with muscular weakness.

Influenza with malaise and aches.

Acute bronchial pneumonia with dyspnea.

To stimulate immunity.


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