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  • Blue Vervain

100% Certified organic Blue Vervain




This gentle and versatile herb has a history of use in Western medicine.  Vervain herbs are used to promote sweating, circulation, urination, menstruation and lactation.  It also restores the nerves, stimulates immunity and reduces inflammation.  Studies have proven this herb to be most beneficial when used with other herbal agents, as it is suggested to have a strong synergistic effect, especially as an antioxidant.  Dosage is recommended is 30-90 drops to 4 times/day.


Vervain contains bitter iridoids (verbenin, verbenalin), volatile oils, alkaloids, triterpenes (beta-sitosterol), and flavonoids. It has nervine, tonic, and mildly bitter and antidepressant qualities. Research shows that vervain has extrogenic and progestogenic activity. It stimulates the muscles of the womb and the production of breast milk. It is a digestive tonic, and coupled with its ability to restore the nervous system, is very beneficial for those recovering from chronic illness. It alleviates headaches and is used for menstrual headaches. It is also used for jaundice, gallstones, asthma, insomnia, PMS, flu, and fevers.


Head cold, moist with fever, aches.

As an adjunct in chorea.

Convulsions, when other medications may not be necessary.

General insomnia in sthenic individuals.

Fever in infants, agitated and hysterical with pain on palpitation of hypochondrium of epigastric region.

Infant teething, with usual agitation and GI disturbances.

Fever, dry with deep aching pain.


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Blue Vervain

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