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  • Blue Cohosh Root

100% Certified organic Blue Cohosh Root




This herb is native to eastern and central United States.  It has been traditionally and historically used as an anticonvulsant, sedative, but mostly as a gynecologic aid.  Blue Cohosh is known for labor induction, endometritis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, and menorrhagil.  Other usages are for pelvic discomfort associated with menopause. This herb is not to be used during pregnancy.  Recommended dosage is 5-20 drops.


Blue Cohosh can be found growing in eastern North America from Manitoba to Alabama. It has been used by various Native tribes and is still used for women’s health. It is used as a uterine tonic, helpful for uterine and ovarian pain and regulating blood flow. It is also used as an anti-imflammatory for arthritic and rheumatic conditions.



Amenorrhea, chronic, with congestion, irritation.

Cervicitis with congestion and poor venous circulation.             

Dysmenorrhea, with congestion, lengthy cycles (30 days or more).

Endometritis/ metritis, in general.

Menopause, with pains and pelvic discomfort, referred down legs, no pathology; or with sense of pressure and pain in ovaries, uterus, sacrum, bladder with nervousness and sense of confusion.

Endometritis, chronic, reoccurring, with inflammatory episodes.

Uterus, inflammation.

Acute vaginitis (internally).

Labor, delayed, from fatigue, weak uterus with history of inflammation.



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Blue Cohosh Root

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