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100% Certified organic Basil


Ocimum basilicum

This green, leafy plant is grown world wide, this safe herb has been used by Greek medicine historically for bronchial conditions.  It is known as a warming, drying agent that can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.  Basil can stimulate digestion, stop vomiting, promote clear thinking and relieve fatigue and depression.  Studies have shown basil to have positive effects to control diabetes due to a possible alpha-glucodsidase and alpha-amylase inhibiting activities.


Sweet basil contains a volatile oil that is made up of linalool, methylchavicol, methyl cinnamate, cineole, and other terpenes. The Romans would use Basil to relieve gas, counteract poison, as a diuretic, and to stimulate breast-milk. It helps to kill intestinal worms. Basil has a mildly sedative action benefitting nervous irritability, depression, anxiety, and sleeping difficulties. It can also be used for epilepsy, migraine, and whooping cough.


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