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  • Ashwaganda Root

100% Certified organic Ashwaganda Root


Withania somnifera


The benefits and applications of Ashwaganda abound. Known also as Winter Cherry, it has been used for over 3,000 years. The root of this very special plant contains a wide variety of beneficial chemical constituents including several powerful anti-oxidants such as superoxide dismutase, and glutathione peroxidase. Traditionally Ashwaganda has been used as a general tonic herb, increasing longevity and endurance and it can be an important herb for rebuilding health after deep level exhaustion or debility as it improves adrenal function and enhances immunity.  It is less stimulating than the Ginsengs, making it a good choice for those with nervous system related irritation such as insomnia and anxiety. Ashwaganda’s anti-inflammatory properties lend its use in arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

This herb is attracting attention as effective in improving cardio-respiratory endurance in athletes. In a 2012 study on 40 elite cyclists after 8 weeks of supplementation with Ashwaganda the athletes showed a 13% improvement in VO(2)max as compared to the control group where no improvement was achieved.

Ashwaganda also shows promise in helping with chemo-therapy induced fatigue in cancer patients. For example, in a  trial on 100 patients with breast cancer in all stages undergoing either a combination of chemotherapy with Ashwaganda or chemotherapy alone the patients taking the herb demonstrated improvement in both cancer-related fatigue and an improvement in quality of life.



Ashwagnda Root:

Ashwagnda is Latin and means “smell of a horse” indicating that the herb impacts the vigor and strength of a stallion.  This shrub is part of  the tomato plant family producing a red fruit.  It is grown in India, Northern Africa, Middle East and in the United States.  It is used as an anti-imflammatory, anti-stress, anti-oxidant, stabilizing blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, boosts immune system and enhances sex drive and learning capabilities. Doses range from 600 to 1000mg twice daily.  Ashwagnda should be avoided with pregnancy.


Immunol Invest 2010;39(7):688-98

“Immunolmodulatiory effects of Withania somnifera on azoxymethane induced experiemental colon cancer in mice” Withania somnifera, a main ingredient in ashwagnda signigicantly altered the level of leucocytes, lymphocytes, neutrophils, immune complexes, and immunogloulims A, G, and M suggesting immune dysfunction control when admistered.  These results conclude that somnifera could be useful in the treatment of colon cancer.


Ashwaganda contains alkaloids, steroidal lactones (withanolides), and iron and has adaptogenic, tonic, and mildly sedative properties. Research shows it to reduce chronic stress thereby reducing cortisol levels and blood pressure. It was found to be more effective in reducing anxiety than psychotherapy and a placebo. Another study showed it to increase semen quality, while another found it to not improve erectile dysfunction. It increases strength in the weak and enhances immune function. It also can be helpful in inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.


Andrew Chevallier. DK Publishing. (2016). Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine (3rd ed.). New York, NY. 152.






Immunol Invest 2010;39(7):688-98







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Ashwaganda Root

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