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Anise has a sweet aromatic taste to it; anise is a warming herb for the body. Anise is part of the parsley family and only the seeds of the plant are used medical. Anise is a flavorsome herb that is usually used for children with colic, carminative, an expectant, and a mild antispasmodic. Typically anise is used in coughs, asthma, bronchitis and help in aiding digestion. This herb should be used carefully during pregnancy. Dosage is 2-4 ounces.


An annual herb with feathery leaves, umbels of yellow flowers, and ridged grey-green seeds. Anise contains anethole, methylchavicol and other terpenes, furanocoumarins, flavonoids, fatty acids, phenylpropanoids, sterols, and proteins. Anethole has a mildly estrogenic effect. It was used to treat the plague and cholera during the Ottoman Period. It is often used for colicky children, and for nausea and indigestion in all ages. Its antispasmodic properties are beneficial for period pain, asthma, whooping cough, and bronchitis. It is also an expectorant, increases breast milk, treats impotence and frigidity, and externally for lice and scabies. Research shows Anise has anti-fungal properties, including against Candida albicans. Do not use the EO internally without professional supervision. Do not use medicinally during pregnancy.


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