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  • American Ginseng

100% Certified organic American Ginseng


Panax quinquefolius


American Ginseng is thought of as a cooling herb that has a slight bitter sweet taste. In traditional Chinese medicine it is thought to work on the heart, kidney, and lung meridians. American Ginseng grows in gulches and shady areas of the hardwood forests in North America. American Ginseng is used to help in improving mental and body fatigue, it is a tonic used for relieving stress and managing the stress response in the body, as well as promote bodily fluids. American Ginseng is a safe herb when used under recommended dosing.


Neuroscience Aug 12, 11’ “Ginseng derivative ocotilloi enhances neuronal activity through increased glutamate release:  A possible mechanism underlying increased spontaneous locomoter activity of mice.” The study of mice invivo linked ocotilloi to be a beneficial effect on their Central Nervous System.  Ocotilloi is a derivate of ginsenoside, which is the active ingredient in ginseng.  During a patch block of cell study, the excitatory effect increases the locomoter activities of mice.


Lipid lowering in arteriosclerosis.

Multiple sclerosis, early stages or the beginning of remissions.

Adrenal cortex hypofunctions.

Adrenal cortex hyperfunctions from stress, with elevated lipids, uric acid, bold sugars with stomach hypersecretions.

General moderation for over-reactivity in stress and drug abuse.

Acne, from excessive cortical hormones.

Muscular pain, when recuperating from debilitating, protracted illness (w/ Cola).

Menarche delay (primary amenorrhea), with recent growth spurt and increased pubic hair.

Sterility, with depressed testosterone, low sperm count.

Thin, subanemic blood with hypersensitivites.

Blood serum levels: cholesterol elevations.

Blood serum levels: hyperlipidemia, in general.

Blood serum levels: alkalosis, metabolic.

Blood serum levels: LDL, VLDL elevated.

Nutritional malabsorption in the aged and convalescent.

Athenia – frequent sense of chill in warm room, fingers cold, appetite poor but elimination normal, though skin dry.

Anorexia from cancer therapy.

General preventative for hyperglycemia, early stages of insulin resistant diabetes.

Anorexia nervosa, mind in adolescence, or iatrogenic from drugs.


Native Americans used American Ginseng to increase female fertility. Over-harvesting of this herb in the 18th century has left very little of it in the wild. It is considered a yin tonic for treating weakness, fever, wheezing, and coughs. Not to be used during pregnancy.


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American Ginseng

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