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  • Sandalwood 10%

1/6 oz

Sandalwood diluted in Jojoba oil

Santalum austrocaledonicum 

Wild Harvest

Heartwood, Steam distilled, New Caledonia


Sandalwood has a long tradition of use, and has a wide array of applications. It has been used for nerve pain, persistent coughs and upper respiratory infections, nausea, urinary and genital infections, rashes, dry skin complaints and inflammation. It has traditionally been used in emotional health as well as spiritual practice. It helps improve anxiety, insomnia and depression. It promotes feelings of peace, openness and aids in feeling grounded. It is considered non-toxic.

We are very excited to have come across a most excellent Santalum album essential oil, this time grown in Australia, with an aroma that is very much like the old Mysore sandalwood from India – yet another beautiful Sandalwood essential oil to add to our offerings. This could very well be *the* sandalwood oil well worth setting aside for ageing: its aroma is very deep, soft, sweet-woody, with a very long, full-bodied, balanced, extremely sweet and creamy-smooth drydown. If nothing else, get a sample to check out this beauty, but fair warning – be prepared to swoon and be hooked!

Sandalwood essential oil is composed for the most part of a sesquiterpene alcohol – santalol1 – a compound that gives viscosity and a woody aroma.2

Sandalwood is revered for its sweet, warm, woody and rich aroma. It is widely sought after in body care, skin care, natural perfumes, and incense for its beautiful fragrance and calming effects. Used in India for centuries in religious and spiritual practices, as well as in traditional medicine for thousands of years, Sandalwood is a well-respected oil.


Aromatic Profile: Very deep, soft, sweet-woody, with a very long, full-bodied, balanced, extremely sweet and creamy-smooth drydown. Excellent fixative.

Appearance: Colorless, clear, transparent, somewhat viscous mobile liquid.

Use: Aromatherapy / Natural Perfumery.

Blending Suggestions: Dilute and add drop by drop to your blends until the desired effect is achieved.

Blends Well With: Agarwood, Amber Oil – Fossilized, Ambrette Seed, Amyris, Bergamot, Black Currant Bud, Black Pepper, Boronia, Cassie, Champaca, Cistus, Clove, Cypress, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Labdanum, Lavender, Lemon, Lotus, Myrrh, Neroli, Oakmoss, Orris, Osmanthus, Palmarosa, Patchouli, Rose, Spikenard, Tuberose, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang. “One of a few outstanding fixatives and oils used for blending in many perfume types. Indispensible [and] …one of the most useful of all perfume materials.”3

Safety Considerations: No contraindications, but may cause adverse skin reaction; a maximum use level of 2% is recommended.4 Dilute before using. A patch test should be performed before use for those with sensitive skin.

1 Industry communication.

2 Bowles, E. Joy. The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils, 3rd ed., 2003, pp. 75-6.

3 Lawless, Alec. Artisan Perfumery or Being Led by the Nose, 2009, p. 68.

4 Tisserand, Robert and Rodney Young. Essential Oil Safety, 2nd ed., 2014, p. 418.



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Sandalwood 10%

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