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  • Spruce-black

1/3 oz

Picea mariana

Wild Harvest

Needles, Steam distilled, Canada


Spruce has stimulating qualities that make it a great energizer. It is highly restorative to the adrenal glands, and if combined with peppermint and Atlas cedar after a morning shower as an external rub, a cup of coffee isn€™t needed to wake up! It is a good remedy for depression due to its uplifting nature. It is also considered to be an analgesic, and great as a massage oil or liniment for muscular and rheumatic pain. It can also be used to treat bronchial and urinary infections. 

Our Black Spruce essential oil is of very fine quality with its aerial, “fresh forest” aroma. The powerful spruce oils have become more popular in recent times, taking their place alongside fir and pine needle oils that share similar properties and aromas.

Tree needle oils are high on the list for all respiratory ailments, but Black Spruce is particularly suited for upper respiratory issues – its clear, clean aroma penetrates to help clear congestion. In addition to stating that Black Spruce is a bronchial decongestant, Kurt Schnaubelt writes in his book Medical Aromatherapy that this essential oil also has an equilibrating effect on the endocrine system and is particularly useful for conditions of adrenal exhaustion. Because of this, Black spruce is often referred to as the “Aromatherapy Double Espresso”.

Black Spruce essential oil has a calming and, at the same time, stimulating effect on the mind with its restorative, refreshing and purifying qualities, much in the same way a walk in a tranquil conifer forest brings about inner peace and a revived spirit.

Aromatic Profile: Light, fresh, slightly medicinal aroma with warm, pinaceous (pine-like) undertones.

Appearance: Clear, water-white, slightly oily liquid.

Use: Adrenal exhaustion, lung congestion, muscle aches; natural perfumery; incense; room fragrance; diffusion in saunas.

Blending Suggestions: Add drop by drop to add a fresh, uplifting, and stimulating note to your blends.

Blends Well With: Cedar, Galbanum, Fir, Lavandin, Oakmoss, Rosemary.

Safety Considerations: Dilute well and add drop by drop to blends unti desired effect is achieved. A patch test should be performed before use for those with sensitive skin.

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