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Pulled from the teachings of the ancient bodywork systems of Thailand, this massage and healing art combines different techniques and has extensive roots in ayurveda and yoga.Thai yoga massage helps to increase the joints range of motion, balance the flow of energy in the body and nervous system, and lengthen muscles with progressive stretching. Sessions include passive yoga stretches, leaning pressure, herbal compresses, acupressure points, and it is performed on the table or floor mat. 

Differing from other massage modalities, Thai yoga massage works the energy lines that resemble, yet are separated from the Chinese meridian lines , and gets deeper into the spaces between the bones and tendons. The receiver is fully clothed to enable ease, fluidity and privacy.  During the treatment, the client may be moved through up to 5 positions including supine, inverted, side lying, prone and seated. 


*Wear flexible and comfortable clothing that allows for yogic movement.

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