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Juice Bar Taste Testing Class

We will be offering our next round of Juice Bar Taste Testing Classes in store, beginning September 13th, every other Monday from 11-12:30am. Class is $35 and includes enough taste testers to fill your belly!

This class is a fun, interactive way to learn the benefits of juicing and go in-depth into the health benefits of each of the juices we offer at Daily Dose Juice Therapy.

Babies are welcome with parents!

Event Date 09-27-2021 11:00 am
Event End Date 09-27-2021 12:30 pm
Spots Remaining 10
Cut off date 10-28-2022
Individual Price $35
Medicine Making Series - part 2  Tinctures

The second offering in our Medicine Making series will be Tinctures. We will cover the different ways to make a tincture and also talk about alternates to using alcohol as the menstruum, like glycerin and vinegar. We will be using the folk method & macerating to make tinctures during class, but will discuss percolation as well.

Event Date 01-25-2022 6:30 pm
Event End Date 01-25-2022 8:30 pm
Spots Remaining 10
Cut off date 01-25-2022 6:30 pm
Individual Price $35.00
Medicine Making Series - part 3 Oils & Salves

This will be the third and final installment of the Medicine Making Series, we will be covering how to make and used infused oils. One of the ways best used is to use them in the making of salves.

Event Date 02-01-2022 6:30 pm
Event End Date 02-01-2022 8:30 pm
Spots Remaining 10
Cut off date 02-01-2022 6:30 pm
Individual Price $35.00
Passion Potions ~ Herbs for Love

Our senses is how we discover what we each find pleasing and arousing. It is different for everyone. In this class we'll discuss plants and oils that called aphrodisiacs and how they can ignite our passions and give us a help in setting the mood. All the senses will be engaged from trying some Kava Cordial to making edible massage bars for a special occasion

Event Date 02-08-2022 6:30 pm
Event End Date 02-08-2022 8:30 pm
Spots Remaining 10
Cut off date 02-08-2022 6:30 pm
Individual Price $35.00
Cleansing Smoke
Cleansing with smoke or smudging (the common name given to sacred smoke blessings) ~ a powerful cleansing technique. The smoke is used to remove negative energy and restore balance. It is the art of cleansing yourself and your environment, clearing away all emotional and energetic garbage that has gathered over time
The benefits of burning herbs are cleansing negative and/or bringing in positive energy. It can add protection to a person or place or consecrate a space or item for ceremonial use. Many use it for meditation or guidance, while some use it for simply the aroma.
A few common herbs used regularly for cleansing that we will be discussing are:
Sage, Cedar, Frankincense,Lavender,Myrrh and Palo Santo
The act of smudging is done by using either dry loose herbs or smudge sticks (herbs tied together), we will be discussing both
Event Date 03-15-2022 6:30 pm
Event End Date 03-15-2022 8:30 pm
Spots Remaining 10
Cut off date 03-15-2022 6:30 pm
Individual Price $30.00

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