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Herbal Holiday Gifts

This is a hands-on DIY gift making class.  We will be discussing the different fun gifts you can make for friends & family with herbs.  We will be making both bath salts and scrubs.  We will go over the benefits of the different types of salts used and how blending essential oils and herbs takes them to a whole new level.  We will also be making a scrub and talking about when we want to use salt or sugar as our base. Lip Balms will be the last item we'll make in class, these make lovely gifts, whether for the holidays or any occasion.

Come join us for a fun evening of DIY herbal gifts.

Event Date 12-06-2022 6:30 am
Event End Date 12-06-2022 8:30 am
Spots Remaining 9
Cut off date 12-05-2022 11:55 pm
Individual Price $65.00
Herbal Alchemy

Herbal Alchemy perfect for the changing of the season. We will be making teas and herbal honeys & syrups.

We will make delicious tea blends & make a decoction that will be used later to make a wonderful elderberry syrup. We will also discuss the healing benefits of honey and how to make herbal blends, both for healing and to use in cooking.

This is a great class for those wanted to learn some of the basics of medicine making or for those who enjoy making their own gifts for the holiday season.

Event Date 12-11-2022 11:00 am
Event End Date 12-11-2022 1:00 pm
Spots Remaining 9
Cut off date 12-10-2022 11:55 pm
Individual Price $55.00
Love Your Liver

Let's start 2023 off right, many people start the New Year with changes to encourage health & happiness. In this class we'll be talking about how the liver functions and herbs that stimulate and aid in healing this important organ.
We will be talking about plants used as Bitters not only for the liver, but digestion in general.

The liver’s major functions are:
breaking down or converting certain substances, balancing energy, making toxins less harmful to the body and removing them from the bloodstream.

As if these functions weren’t enough, the liver also plays major roles in the following: creating immune system factors that can fight against infection,
breaking down old and damaged red blood cells, and storing extra blood sugar
When taking all this into consideration, it’s easy to see how important the liver is to a person’s health

Event Date 01-10-2023 6:30 am
Event End Date 01-10-2023 8:00 am
Spots Remaining 9
Cut off date 01-09-2023 10:55 pm
Individual Price A free offering!
Herbal Smoke Blends

Our favorite herbs have different qualities depending on how they are used. Their smokes can be blended to aid in relaxation and support for our lungs. Come learn which herbs are recommended for smoking blends and how to incorporate this age-old practice into your life.

Event Date 01-18-2023 6:30 am
Event End Date 01-18-2023 8:30 am
Spots Remaining 9
Cut off date 01-17-2023 11:55 pm
Individual Price $35.00

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